In this video, I look at some of the dos and don’ts of photography websites. Although there are many ways to skin a cat, there are some things that are real turn-offs for potential photography clients. Here are my top five tips.

Websites come in many shapes and sizes, but in this video, my main advice is to keep them as simple as possible. Look at how few clicks it takes to get to certain key areas of the site and make sure that it follows a generic format so as not to confuse potential clients. I touch on how to make your portfolio stand out, how to stop potential clients from closing your tab, how to write your about section, as well as look at which contact details to include and how to show your blog. 

Although websites don’t hold the weight that they used to in the pre-Instagram days, they are still a staple part of your brand identity. In the earlier web days, the website was king, but now, it is used more as a permanent reference from a social media link or an email to prove that you are legitimate and that you do have taste. Making sure that your persona from Instagram carries through to your website is also very important. 

You can spend a small fortune on websites, but thanks to WordPress, Squarespace, and companies like Format, there are so many easy ways to create something simple. In the video, I do not cover SEO, as for a lot of photographers, it has lost its weight and meaning. However, if you do high-volume work, it is certainly something to consider when deciding the format in which you build your website and blog. 

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