Other characters have smaller changes, as Bloodhound’s sonar ability refreshes more quickly, and Octane’s Jump Pad ultimate also charges up faster than before. The robot Pathfinder has been weakened, now that his grappling hook ability has seen its cooldown increase from 15 seconds to 35.

Along with the reworked areas in King’s Canyon, the map also contains new Charge Towers that can instantly fill up the ultimate meter for every player on the platform. When it comes to weapons, the Pathfinder shotgun is no longer simply laying around in loot crates, and can only be found in care packages, while the Mastiff shotgun that used to be exclusive to end-game care package drops is now a regular weapon with reduced power.

The PvE elements of season five aren’t live yet, but players can already kick off the new Broken Ghost quest / story line while they wait, and see how the new character Loba can use her abilities — a translocating bracelet, the ability to see high-value loot through walls and an ultimate that collects all nearby loot instantly — to mix up gameplay.

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