1 minute ago, kumakuma said:

I have to say that I’m not a fan of this change.


This place is interesting because you have folks with radically different viewpoints interacting with each other.


Your creation of an objectivist containment zone sends the message that objectivists are second class citizens here. 


I also believe it will turn this place into an echo chamber for subjectivists and cause valuable contributors like Mans to move on to other more welcoming places.


The fact that the subjectivists are lining up to pat you on the back for making this change suggests I’m right.


Thanks for the feedback, but I think the facts don’t backup your suggestion. 


For example, the very first response to this change is …


2 hours ago, mansr said:

Is all rational thought now forbidden outside the “reservation”?


Comments like this are the main reason why the change was necessary. I also pointed out Mansr’s reply he asked about as being a great example of a helpful exchange. If you like  snark, combativeness, imposition, confrontation, or belittling, then you may be disappointment with this change. 


If you like keeping SandyK out of a purely objective thread, then you may like this change. 


Subjectivists are likely happy because not they can have fun without  snark, combativeness, imposition, confrontation, or belittling. When objectivists couldn’t police themselves and stop their own rude behavior, changes were necessary. 


Nothing is off topic here on AS. But, there is a right place and time for everything. I don’t see why you should care if people like to talk amongst others who have the same passions and beliefs. 

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