UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Chief Adviser has been facing heat this week after he was caught repeatedly flouting lockdown. However, even more criticism has been heaped on the UK’s press, after several videos emerged of huge swarms of paparazzi photographers defying social distancing guidelines after they clustered together, each attempting to get the best shot.

The photographers have been gathering outside Chief Adviser Dominic Cummings’ home while media coverage of the scandal has been underway. It’s alleged Cummings repeatedly left home and drove hundreds of miles to visit family during the same period he and his political party were telling the public it’s imperative they stay home. At one point, his wife was ill with coronavirus when the family traveled.

As he faces increasing pressure to resign, Cummings has lashed out at the UK press for their handling of the coverage. Returning to his home one night earlier this week, he told the journalists and photographers they should “stick to the rules.” Given the attention that the situation is drawing, there have been numerous occasions in which photographers gathered outside the home have defied guidelines in regards to COVID-19, with many calling out their actions as hypocritical, given what it is they’re reporting on.

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