Up until today, Canon 1D X Mark III .crm RAW Files were only natively supported by Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 16 (latest version) and Final Cut Pro X. If you are like me, an Adobe Premiere editor who needed to work on some Canon 1D X Mark III RAW footage, well, you were out of luck – until today!

Adobe Premiere Creative Cloud update – June 16th 2020

Kind of under the radar, this morning, my Creative Cloud account notified me that there is a new update featuring “New Canon and RED camera format support”. As someone who’s just finished editing Canon 1D X Mark III RAW material and had to convert it in DaVinci Resolve 16 to ProRes 4444 in order to finalize it (I’m still not fast enough with editing directly in Resolve), my curiosity made me download and update Premiere Pro CC. And there you go, Adobe Premiere CC now supports .crm RAW files natively! I can only assume that this move from Adobe is also preparing the NLE for the upcoming Canon EOS R5 as that camera will record RAW internally like the EOS 1D X Mark III can do.

Those 5.5K RAW files coming out of the 1D X Mark III are simply incredible, but it is also important to note that those .crm files are very hard to process even on very modern computers. At least for those who are working inside the Adobe environment, it is good to know that those files are supported natively and can be adjusted if needed. (Color Temperature, Tint and Exposure).

Adobe Premiere CC timeline Natively supporting .crm RAW files

crm RAW controls inside Adobe Premiere CC

Speaking about the ID X Mark III, in case you are interested in learning a bit more about the video capabilities of this camera, please head to our review by clicking here.

Adobe Premiere CC

Do you happen to have the Canon 1D X Mark III and were limited in editing RAW footage inside Adobe Premiere CC? If yes, please share your joy with us now that those files are supported. 

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