In-person trade shows might be on hiatus, but CineGear ON AIR brings industry luminaries together on Zoom webinars for free to the public. Let’s learn more!

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What Is CineGear ON AIR?

Cinegear is a major filmmaker-centric trade show, taking place every year at the end of May in sunny Los Angeles, California. For obvious reasons, Cinegear 2020 was first pushed back, then canceled entirely. But that doesn’t mean they’ve just given up the ghost.

CineGear in the past has presented two major things. The first are eye-catching product announcements and demos from newcomers and established players alike. The second are presentations, panels, and discussions from major industry figures and organizations. Product announcements are out for this year, but the industry discussions are still very much on the table. That’s where CineGear ON AIR comes in.

Featured Topics and Speakers

Right out of the gate, CineGear ON AIR will begin July 1st with a panel discussion named “Got Agent?”, featuring top agents from across the film industry. Listen in to learn if you have the right agent, how to differentiate yourself from the competition, and ways to get established. Jay Holben moderates the panel, and guests include Julia Kole—Artistry, Craig Mizrahi—Innovative Artists, Dan Burnside—DDA, Kristin Tolle-Billings—WPA and Brian Goldberg—WPA. Cinema5D has previously spoken with Kristin Tolle-Billings in our series “Cinema5D On The Go,” which you can watch HERE and HERE to get a flavor of the conversation.

Don’t go thinking this is the only event CineGear is hosting. Future topics include “A CineGear Tribute to 100 Years of American Cinematographer Magazine”, Technology Close-Ups, Online Film Competition, CineGear Hall of Fame, and much more.
The schedule of upcoming events and on-demand streaming of previous ON AIR programs will be available at

How Do I Sign Up?

You can watch any and all of these panels, presentations, and workshops online over Zoom. They will also be recorded, so if you miss an event you can catch up on-demand at a later date. To register for upcoming panels and to watch past ones, just go to

Do Zoom webinars meet your industry discussion needs? What panels do you hope to see at CineGear ON AIR? Let us know in the comments below!

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