Here is the promised FeralA decoder.   It hasn’t been through the full Windows testing, but I have been beating the Linux version up for quite a while.   There were a few last minute fixes — like usual, as I am famous for ‘stuttering’ when I release software.   I come from the good old days where there were actual software testing groups — -no longer have that luxury.


* I fully expect that the decoder might be frustrating to use at first — contact me if you have problems.  I’ll try to answer/help reasonably quickly


There is a .txt file that describes lots of various commands and options along with a general purpose manual for the full decoder — too complicated for what is needed for FA decoding.


This is a *command line* program, very ugly to use by today’s GUI standards..  The program does work if you can get past the command line issue.

This program also contains a DolbyA compatible decoder, but won’t work as a DolbyA decoder unless you have a license file.  I’ll make you one if you want to try actual DolbyA decodes instead of FA decodes.   The FA decodes are specified by using the –fa switch early in the command line.


For just playing around, you can just use the command line in the same directory as you unpack the binaries.   Eventually, you might want to stash the binaries (all of the files in the distribution) into another directory, and use the PATH environment variable…   My guess is tha only 10% at most of the people who actually try to use the decoder will be happy, esp since the program is command line.


So 1)  Unpack the program.  2) find a CD .wav file 3) decode the CD .wav file 4) play the result, assuming that the file is ‘normal’ (which is probably 3/4 of the proper feralA recordings.)  One note:  many feralA recordings HAVE been molested by the distributor, so sometimes it can be hard to find a good .wav file.   When you do find a good wav file, then the program should work fine…   Here is how to do it: (assuming you have an AVX compatible CPU use da-avx.exe, otherwise for older SSE only CPUS, use the da-win.exe)

(also, with –info=2 you get the full progress indicator, while if you use –info=1, you get ‘dots’ across the screen)


>  da-avx –outgain=-4.5 –info=2 –fa –basic –input=infile.wav –output=outfile.wav

(command above is the lowest quality, but fastest decode — still better than if you used a DolbyA)


If you have a .flac file, and use/have sox — you might be able to do this:


>  sox input.flac –type=wav – | da-avx –outgain=-4.5 –info=2 –fa –basic | sox – outfile.flac


If everyting is working okay, you MIGHT be able to play the .wav file output instead of saving it to a file:


>  da-avx –info=2 –fa –basic –input=infile.wav –play


Good luck, contact me either in this forum for general questions, or PM me if you want to talk about this privately.

Remember to look at the documents in the download area.

Note that I fully own the software, and have given you permission to do FA decodes to your hearts content.

(Note that reverse engineering might be fun — the binary is really evil/ugly :-)).  When I have had to look at the binary to effect

bug fixing — it is really entertaining to see how efficient the compiler is, producing really good SIMD code…  It is AMAZING.


I’ll probably update the code as I find bugs (hopefully none or minor.)






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