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 I got into Jazz Fusion back in the late 1970’s. Would tape record the good stuff & make mix tapes. I was watching a YouTube video the other day of Return To Forever live doing a track called .. Jester King. Was there ever a better group of creative, impressive musicians than Return To Forever? Chick Corea still performs I hear. It would be a dream for someone to uncover some lost tapes or if they would put out some new music. They’re old though. Chick Corea along with Joe Zawinul of Weather Report were among the most gifted creative  melody creators of our time. Time has no way of making music like this sound dated. Besides the obvious best known fusion artists of the 1970’s & 80’s like Benson, Mclaughlin, Bob James, Pat Metheny, Earl Klugh etc., what were some of your favorite jazz fusion tracks and albums?  


There are comparatively new recordings from Corea and group. Check “The Mothership Returns” live album from 2012. Back in 70s I was listening a lot of Hancock, Duke, Ponty besides those you’ve mentioned. Also, some good recordings from ECM, such as Terje Rypdal’s Odyssey. Also, Soft Machine, Klaus Doldinger’s Passport.

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