One of the many things I’ve learned over time is the importance of learning how to learn. Some people learn better by reading, some by observing, and others by actually doing.

We all learn differently, but the key is that we strive to gather knowledge to gain a new skill or improve one that we already have. Learn, practice, and perfect — that’s the goal. Some of the things I learned from books and manuals, and others I’ve learned from hands-on instruction.

I started watching this video by Irene Rudnyk to get some background on the Canon RF 85mm f/1.2L USM lens, but I quickly discovered that I was learning more than I had anticipated. While watching, I was enamored by the way she interacted with her models.

In the past, I’ve primarily been a landscape and wildlife photographer. However, lately, I have been learning more about portrait photography. I’ve learned that much of portrait photography is more about interacting with and directing the model than about the technical aspects of camera settings.

Of course, a great model helps when it comes to posing and interacting with a photographer. Nevertheless, Irene has mastered directing the model and illustrates how providing feedback to the model ensures the perfect shot that the photographer is trying to capture.

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