I have an 8th gen NUC on the way, model NUC8i3BEH, following a helpful thread I started a few days ago. The NUC will connect via USB to my DAC. Looking at power supply options and reading lots of posts on this forum, I’ve come up with the following list. Are there others I should consider? I’ve learned that there are thoughts that SMPS can be competitive, so is there a high-quality SMPS I should be considering?


The specs from Intel call for 19V and 90W. But their product compatibility page includes a 12V 84W PS that is “validated”. I assume that means any PS 12-19V will work as long as it can deliver close to 90W.


Here’s the list with brief notes. I’d appreciate any guidance on how they might compare and where the value-for-money is.  I’m also very accustomed to buying used equipment, so if there’s anything in particular I should keep an eye out for on the used market, I’d appreciate that advice!


Keces P8 8 Amp Ultra Low Noise $699
– single output, 19V 8A
– includes USB output, 5V 1A


HDPLEX 200W AC-DC $64.50
– 19V, 10A


– discontinued


HDPLEX 300W LPS $585
– expected available this month in USA
– 4 outputs 3.3-19V


UpTone Audio JS-2 $925
– two outputs, 5-12V, 5A each

– 1 device cable included


Paul Hynes SR5-19F £630
– single 19V 5A output
– customer complaints of very slow delivery


I also happen to own a Pyramid PS-15KX, 13.8V 10A for non-audio reasons (to run a telescope). I wonder how it might compare to other options.


Thanks again for the help. This forum is an amazing wealth of knowledge.

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