Another bit that set fans off is what developers said in an interview with GamesRadar, about their attempts to make the sim game available to a wider audience. Simply Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell has pushed back against that impression, telling gamers that it’s “Same base physics upgraded, and consolidated.”

The video does show an impressive number of cars on the track and up-to-date looking lighting effects, especially for a game targeting the current generation of consoles. Plus, many of the game’s highlight new features won’t show up in the trailer, like vehicles that are more customizable than ever, enhanced AI, a rebuilt career mode and, on PC, support for VR as well as rendering in resolutions as high as 12K. In multiplayer, it’s added skill-based matchmaking, rivals time challenges, and the ability to borrow a car fit for a particular race if you don’t have one in your garage already. All you can do now is judge the trailer for yourself, until Project Cars 3 ships this summer.

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