Hello Friends


I am currently hunting a new pair of speakers. I would be glad to have your opinions and recommendations.


Based on readings, I have already shortlisted 3 speakers:

– kef r7, but I am afraid that rear wall in my livin would be too close

– revel f206 or f208, but hard to find for a listen where I live. 

– harbeth super hl5+ but I am not sure wife will stay with me if I buy those… 


It is not easy to listen over here. I would be glad if you could let me know differences between these. Plus, if you think about any other option, I would be glad to have a look at it. 


In short, I like speakers with low sensitivity (below 90dB) to suite my hyper nc1200 and passive preamp. I need something that is not to hard to place (close to rear wall, 60cm max) and max 5k euros. 


Have good music



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