Smartta SliderMini 2: a "take anywhere" motorized slider

A brand-new and more powerful motor, for smoother movement, long battery life, built-in 10 time-lapse modes are some of the highlights of the new, ultra compact, Smartta SliderMini 2.

There is no use for a slider if you leave it home because it takes too much space. Yes, you may have wished to have a slider with an infinite travel length, but that will not happen in the real world, so you’ve to compromise. The new Smartta SliderMini 2 only travels 200mm / 8 in, but in the right hands, it will work like magic, with one key advantage: you’ll never leave it at home.

You see, the Smartta SliderMini 2 is a pocket-sized motorized slider with a unibody design, compact and portable. With dimensions of 30.5mm x 84.8mm x 264mm and a weight of 1.26 lb(0.57kg) for the full kit (battery included) it fits in any regular sized backpack and is, as the company says, “assemble free, you can just take it out from you backpack and start shooting anywhere anytime, super easy to use.”

The Smartta SliderMini 2 is, as many other things in the world, the result of someone’s specific needs and will to find a solution. In the end of 2017, after a comprehensive research about sliders on our market, says the team at Smartta, “we found that most traditional sliders were really bulky, or quite complicated, or truly expensive – that’s why we designed Smartta SliderMini, a very easy-to-use & ultra lightweight motorized slider, at reasonably affordable price.”

Smartta SliderMini 2: a "take anywhere" motorized sliderFrom Indiegogo to an iF Design Award

That’s how it all started. By the end of August 2018 the company launched the Smartta SliderMini crowdfunding on Indiegogo and it was 1639% funded in one month. Later, SliderMini won an iF Design Award 2019. SliderMini is an ultra-portable and super easy-to-use motorized camera slider that is specially designed for cameras, smartphones and DSLR.

With a compact body but rich in features like smooth motion control by a single button or an app (Smartta Go both available on Android and iOS), time-lapse and stop motion, SliderMini allows users easily catch cinematic movements in daily life. The accessory has won a lot of praises, from both the professional media and many users. Feedback and suggestions from  the whole community helped Smartta optimizing the SliderMini as well updating it to SliderMini 2.

Here are the highlights of SliderMini 2:

  1. Unibody Design, Compact and Portable

SliderMini is a pocket-sized motorized cameras slider which is assemble free, you can just take it out from you backpack and start shooting anywhere anytime, super easy to use.

  1. More Powerful Motor, Ultra Smooth and Stable

SliderMini 2 comes with a brand-new and more powerful motor which makes your camera movement smoother and more stable. SliderMini 2 can handle camera loads up to 33.3 lbs (15kg) horizontally, which is the highest carrying capacity at this size in the world. Besides, vertical operation ability has been enhanced by 25% compare to the previous version. We also optimized the performance of the whole motion control system and the test result shows that maximum power saving is up to 20%.

  1. Built-in Battery Life Up to 52 Hours

There is a rechargeable 1500mAh li-polymer battery built into the SliderMini 2. It takes around 90 minutes to fully charge it and the battery will last around 52 hours in normal use, 14 hours in active use. Shooting footage while charging is feasible if you are in a long hours project.

  1. Dual Control

SliderMini can be controlled by one single button on the slider or our intuitive user-friendly app Smartta Go. This dual control ability can meet your needs in different shooting situation.

  1. Built-in 10 Time-lapse Modes

There are 10 preset time-lapse modes built-in the app which allows you start catch cinematic time-lapse videos in a single tap. You can adjust the preset settings of those modes and it’s also available to customize your own time-lapse library. Time-lapse has never been easier.

  1. One-tap Stop Motion

With clear instructions in the app, you only need to set up how many frames you want to shoot and continue with a single tap, you can create the illusion of movements and makes all frames come to life.

  1. Loop Mode Especially for Interview Usage

Loop Mode enables the SliderMini to go back and forth continuously until you tell it to stop. It’s especially designed for interview related usage.

  1. Curve Mode – Essential Camera Movement Mode for Content Creators

We added a new operation mode in Smartta Go – Curve Mode. Curve Mode enables users to achieve various speed camera movement effects by automatically moving the camera forward or away from the subject. There are four types of speed mode built-in: Zoom In, Zoom Out, A to B and Focus A. Each one will allow the slider move with different speed and get different camera movement effects. Of course users can adjust the speed simultaneously while the slider is moving by simply swiping the speed block up and down.

  1. Stay Mode For Time-lapse and Stop Motion

Stay Mode is specifically added to keep the slider un-moved when shooting time-lapse or stop motion videos, so users can have more smooth and stable footages. Tap “Stay” on the screen, the slider will stop moving until you switch back to “L-R” slide mode. We also optimized the built-in settings so it is more user-friendly when shooting time-lapse and stop motion videos.

Smartta SliderMini 2: a "take anywhere" motorized slider

Featuring a wide speed range, with precise motion control between a minimum speed of 0.004 in / sec (0.1mm / sec) to a maximum speed of 0.4 in / sec (1 cm / sec), the SliderMini 2 has a great load capacity, being able to move any camera up to 33 lb (15kg) horizontally, and up to 2.75lb (1.25kg) vertically. Built with high quality aluminum alloy and CNC machining process, the slider can be controlled with an App OS for iOS above 10.0 or Android above 5.0.

The Smartta SliderMini 2 regular price is $399, making it one of the most accessible sliders available to create cinematic video.

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