I like to do QC on downloads before adding them to my Music library. I’ve found some downloads have multiple tags of the same type on a track e.g. 2 different ARTIST tags. You can only see one ARTIST in iTunes (and I assume Music) but I’ve found it can cause iTunes to have issues with sorting. You also can’t fix the problem in iTunes (because you only see one of the tags).


So I used to check the tags with mp3tag (mp3tag.de). It runs under WINE, but not on Catalina. The developer is working on a native Mac version, but I found an alternative native MacOS app and wondered if anyone here uses it. Its called Meta https://www.nightbirdsevolve.com/meta/ and its only $17.99 on the App Store (with a 4.3) rating.


Here’s a review https://www.macstories.net/mac/editing-flac-metadata-with-meta-for-mac/


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